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"Now Aligned Outcomes knows more about us than we know about ourselves."
— Senior VP, Top 5 Banking Client
"Aligned Outcomes gave us the data-driven insights that provided us with the confidence to
execute with conviction."
— CFO, manufacturing company
"Somehow, AO has ‘cracked the nut’, associated with tying process maps to org charts…well
— CTO, Silicon Valley Low-Code Technology innovator
"I can say with confidence, that AO’s software and associated method is currently ten years
ahead of the market."
— Transformation Vice President/25 YEAR Lean Black Belt executive
"Our teams need to pivot from bureaucratic administrative activities to providing valued
experiences for our students, staff and communities. Aligned Outcomes is the partner that can
enable us to make this happen with speed."
— President, Industry Leading Post-Secondary Institution
"What surprised me the most was the team engagement and leadership capabilities
improvements that partnering with AO gave us. This is what will make our school’s
transformation live long into the future."
— Dean Business Faculty, Industry Leading Post-Secondary Institution
"Today, every enterprise is in an existential fight. You must pay attention to the architecture of your organization. Aligned Outcomes brings deep insight to our leadership teams."
— CEO, Technology Sector -Northeastern Europe

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What We Provide

Aligned Outcomes gives executives the conviction to execute complex business transformation with confidence.


Our clients gain integrated visibility into every process, skillset, human resource cost element, and operating model deliverable in their organization.


Our clients simulate different operating models and visualize the effects on people, costs, and value before executing change.


We provide our clients with the information they need to implement change effectively, delivered efficiently, and realizing the intended Return on Investment.

The Power of an Enterprise Digital Twin

Enterprise Digital Twin (noun): a digital replica of your process and procedures, a virtual creation of how your organization works. This digital twin lets you manipulate countless variables to see how they impact every aspect of your organization’s performance. You can rapidly test numerous options to explore multiple outcomes – ultimately honing your organization’s performance in days instead of months!


Integrated visibility into everything.


Quickly simulate outcomes before executing change.


Plan and execute with speed and precision.


Your team is hands-on from design to implementation.

The Aligned Outcomes Advantage

The Others

Time is treated as a source of revenue.

Slow, inefficient methodology that captures non-essential information and ties up significant resources.

Document-Centered – Primarily static, document-centric artifacts that silo information and limit analysis.

Dependency – Creates dependency on external expertise.

Aligned Outcomes

Time is a scarce resource that must be effectively managed.

Fast, highly efficient methodology that captures only essential operational information from those with domain knowledge and process ownership.

Digital Models – Integrated information set that enables scenario planning and continuous improvement.

Sustained Value – Builds organizational capacity for ongoing continuous improvement.

Delivering results with speed and precision

Aerospace deadlines beaten by:


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National retailer inventory savings of:


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Mortgage processing times reduced by:


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