Optimizing Operations for the Future

A major Canadian utility company was striving to reduce costs associated with legacy energy systems in order to set the stage for future innovation and cleaner technology roll-out.


Unsustainable maintenance costs across two coal facilities

Two coal processing operations in close proximity to each other were operated separately and had increasingly costly maintenance operations.

Cost reduction opportunities out of sight

Lack of a fully integrated process landscape for plant maintenance meant cost reduction opportunities were difficult to pursue.


Legacy management systems

Plant design and construction were thought to make common maintenance difficult or impossible. Legacy management systems were based on an expectation that maintenance alignment was not an option.

Key processes where managed separately with significant opportunity for duplication

Operating models and tool crib/scheduling systems were built autonomous of one another.


Simplification of management systems demonstrated through an Integrated future state model

A common maintenance process operating model was now achievable opening new opportunities to reduce costs.

Operational optimization demonstrated significant cost savings

The resulting execution plan and business case demonstrated that a common maintenance system across the two plant sites – down to the tool crib and scheduling level – could deliver measurable cost savings exceeding executive expectations. Energy

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