Reducing Wait Times for Those in Need

In 2015, a large provincial health service was considering a strategy to significantly reduce surgical wait times by introducing a sixth full Operating Day to their weekly surgical rotations across the entire provincial health network.


Complex Operating Day Orchestration

The delivery of a typical Operating Day engaged multiple Service Divisions in a tightly orchestrated performance.

Limited consistency in Operating Room models across the network

In order to achieve desired benefits, a majority of Operating Hospitals in the Province would need to launch a sixth Operating Day. Each Hospital would face distinct challenges in doing so.

Business Case Clarity

The leadership team required a clear line of sight between the current state and the proposed future-state functional model in order to confidently outline financial and operational benefits.


Limited Cross-functional Collaboration

While interdisciplinary rapport was strong, the approach to find the solution needed to foster greater teamwork and set a tone of inter-team inclusion.

Functional Model Design Overload

The team commissioned to identify solutions were overwhelmed by the scale of the process simplification challenge.

Time Crunch

The team had a window of opportunity to move their solutions forward. Traditional methods to design a consistent functional model and business case would not meet the deadlines.


Shared leadership understanding of implied cultural changes

A complete draft functional model based on integrating the process maps of the Service Divisions proved sufficient for leadership to make early business case and impact assessments.

Replicable Functional Model for the Future State

A dynamic, integrated model proved decision ready for use as an executable template across the entire health network.

Increased Team Engagement and Buy-In

The AO method fostered inclusion across the complex organization. Cross-functional influencers felt engaged, listened to and ultimately part of the solution.

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