Responding to a Rapidly Changing Market

In 2016, one of Canada’s top North American banks was assessing operational tactics necessary to stay ahead of rapidly increasing fraud-related claims. Recent growth via acquisition had created a complex operating model that made strategic execution a challenge. We are helping our clients improve operations efficiency to respond to growing demand.


Rapidly increasing rate of fraud

Fraud claims were  increasing by more than 40% annually across 14 different fraud types.

Increased difficulty implementing cost effective division-wide solutions

Operational process differences between Canada and the USA, disparate systems and role types made implementing innovative solutions difficult.

Rapidly changing and growing bank fraud landscape

Tactical operating problems took executive focus away from setting clear strategies to stay ahead of fraud growth and complexity.


Lack of a standard operating model for fraud management

Canadian and USA-based Fraud Operations teams leveraged different operating models – processes, roles, IT systems and resourcing models.

Reporting and Metrics disparity

Lack of common process and yield-based metrics reporting made it difficult to assess where and how to apply business improvements.

Increasing Headcount Costs

The one common solution to combat fraud claims growth was to increase resources across the operation.


Optimize the organization’s response time by building an integrated Process-based Operating Model

A North America-wide operating model based on four process engines provided a base for common resourcing, roles, systems and metrics reporting.

Effective resource balancing

The common operating model allowed for resources to be balanced by systems and clear targeting of high growth fraud types. Current headcount levels could be maintained to handle projected fraud growth over three years.

Increased strategic focus

The process-based management system, common operating model and reporting freed executive time to focus on fighting fraud growth.

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