Human-Centric Transformation For Top Academic Institutions

We work with Canada’s leading Universities and Colleges to empower and enable their teams to transform to more agile operations, simplifying their student journeys, and modernizing their programs.


Make The Most of Your Funding

Sharp changes in government and community priorities can significantly impact university and college funding in Canada. We work with you to develop modular, high-impact transformation initiatives that align with your budget and can be adjusted over time.

Build Self-Sufficient Teams

We enable your teams to be the leaders of the change needed to evolve continuously. Through our Team Enabled Transformation (TEnT), Leader Led Change Management (L2CM) and Enterprise Digital Twin Platform, we mobilize your people across diverse teams with the right data so they’re enthusiastically moving toward the common goals of your strategic plan.

Enhance Your Student Journey

Your student journey's success lies in your operating model's success. We’ll work with your faculties and central teams to streamline all processes and operations, remove duplicate activities and technology, and increase capacity across all roles, simplifying your student experience and increasing team capacity to focus on proactive student engagement.

No More Siloes, No More Abstract Best Practices; Just Change That Actually Sticks

Operational Agility

We strive to modernize, streamline, and align all people, processes, and technology to promote creativity, responsiveness, and innovation in all areas.

Align Structures

By aligning structures, resources, and goals, teams are empowered to optimize their operations, enhance student outcomes, and ultimately thrive in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

Becoming Proactive

We help you become proactive in your role opposed to reactive. By aligning structures accordingly, you can make change with ease.

We Speak the Language of Post-Secondary

We understand the unique needs, issues, and challenges facing your institution. Our team is well-versed in the nuances and complexities of post-secondary while bringing decades of human-centric transformation expertise across 20 industries.

Academic Programming

Strategic Alignment: Ensuring both Operational and Academic Leaders are aligned to the strategic goals allows teams to do what they each do best – with clear accountabilities, strategic focus and effective teamwork.

Program and Research Design: Aligned teams reduce administrative effort enabling teams to develop and deliver world class academic programs and research.

Student Journey Improvements: Through process clarity, the student journey is improved and better understood by all.


Expand Transdisciplinary Scholarship: Simplified engagement, resourcing, and funding models enable easier campus-wide transdisciplinary collaboration.

Capabilities Investment: Reduced operational costs can be re-invested in world-class research facilities, technology and resources.

Global and Local Impact: Aligned Outcomes helps streamline the research ecosystem to focus higher capacity on society’s greatest challenges and opportunities.

Community Engagement

Proactive Partnerships: Aligned Outcomes helps your teams to be less internally focused and spend more time building community partnerships.

Develop and Innovate: Operational agility helps to enable innovative and adaptive services and learning that better support the community’s needs.

Continuous Improvement: Empowering staff and faculty helps facilitate a culture of continuous improvement and allows them to stay ahead of the market to provide relevant value to their community.

Human Resources

Professional Development: Managers and leaders develop hands-on learning to develop their leadership skills by directly taking part in leading their teams and collaborating with their peers through the ongoing change.

Organizational Design: Modeling organizational structures and  job role definitions to optimize team structures to enable nimble organizations within unionized and non-unionized environments.

Training: Precise training plans based on detailed data analysis to support evolving program design, research and technology advancements.


Fiscal Responsibility: Leverage integrated operational, technology and financial data to make confident fiscal decisions fast and aligned with your strategic goals.

Auditability: Leveraging detailed operating models supports auditability of your processes and procedures with far less effort.

Financial Resilience: By simulating complex what-if analysis at a granular level, post-secondary institutions can improve their resiliency to market forces regardless of variable government funding.

Transform Your Institution Today

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