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Digital-Twin Technology and Higher Ed

Graham Vyse

One day it will be regular business at universities to pull up a digital twin to look at the health of processes and data across campus.

All Management Is Change Management

Harvard Business Review - by Robert H. Schaffer

Change management is having its moment. But when you think about it, isn’t all management the management of change?

The Future of Digital Banking


The banking industry is rapidly evolving, and will be completely transformed by 2030. The future will be more digital than ever, and customers will require more “autonomous experiences” that are not available today. Consumers lifestyles are changing and banks will need to adapt to changing consumers demands in new and innovative ways.

Tech Trend Radar – The must-know future technology trends of 2019

Munich RE

This analysis by Munich RE discusses the latest in technology trends within the insurance industry, and how these trends are positively impacting the insurance value chain. Those who proactively plan and implement successful technology implementations have the opportunity to achieve unparalleled productivity and customer satisfaction.

How Robots Will Transform the C-Suite

Strategy + Business

The introduction of robots into the workforce will significantly impact the C-Suite. Top executives will need to lead the charge when automating their operations and prepare for their jobs to change. A workforce that includes both humans and robots will require leadership styles to transform in ways that consider empathy with a tech-savvy and data-driven mindset.

Before Automating Your Company’s Processes, Find Ways To Improve Them

Harvard Business Review

To successfully implement RPA’s company’s need to consider their full process landscape. Industry leaders are increasingly turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to automate complex digital processes. However, RPA’s operate at a task level and don’t consider the full end-to-end process.

Digital Twin: Manufacturing Excellence Through Virtual Factory Replication

Dr. Michael Grieves

The “Digital Twin” is helping organizations better understand the current state of their business by building a model that is based on their existing operations. The Digital Twin is proven to support how leadership teams “conceptualize, compare and collaborate” on meaningful future projects.

When You’ve Got to Cut Costs – Now

Harvard Business Review

Cost-cutting strategies are exceptionally difficult for managers who cannot advocate for themselves directly to the senior executives in charge. By analyzing the successes and failures of other companies, we can see that strategies that combine incremental changes, redesign ideas, and program-elimination measures successfully reduce costs between 10% to 30%.

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